Lenny release goals for TeX

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Enforce the TeX Policy in add-on packages

We should drop the TDS compatibility hack from tex-common ASAP.

What else needs to be done? Should we somehow check all packages that do not use dh_installtex (Build-Depend on tex-common) whether they comply?

Transition from teTeX to TeXlive

This can be divided into a couple of sub-issues: There are a couple of possible schemes and timelines to achieve this:
  1. With some warning in advance, drop the teTeX packages completely, see what happens and deal with the mess
  2. Make the teTeX packages transitional packages, see what happens and deal with the (much smaller) mess
  3. Find all packages that (Build-)Depend, Recommend or Suggest any teTeX package, file bug reports and monitor how they are fixed; do the same with respect to TeXlive being (not yet) the primary choice.
  4. any other way to do it?
We should decide which way we prefer, and contact the release team before doing the final decision.

Completely clean up license situation

This involves checking all packages, the infrastructure is in tpm2licenses.pl. Hopefully, Rogério and his students will help here.



I don't think we should put much work in teTeX, except one thing:

Bug cleanup

We should inspect each bug on a teTeX package, and check whether it should be closed or reassigned to TeXlive:
  1. Bugs that are clearly associated with teTeX packaging (including some non-reproducible upgrading bugs) can be closed once teTeX vanishes
  2. Bugs that request features, file inclusions etc. can either be closed if the wish is fulfilled in TeXlive, or should be transferred.
  3. Open bugs against packages or executables that also exist in TeXlive should be reassigned/cloned.
  4. There'll probably a couple that don't fit into these categories...

Whether we clone or reassign depends on the timeline of teTeX's vanishing.

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