teTeX Etch release goals for TeX

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Complete the transition to 3.0: libkpathsea4

Most known bugs have been fixed meanwhile, but there is one big thing missing: The library transition. To keep it as smooth as possible, we should

  1. Wait until tetex-bin is in etch
  2. Identify packages that link against libkpathsea3

    apt-rdepends -r libkpathsea3 | grep -v Reverse

  3. Ask the responsible maintainers to try building against libkpathsea4, setting Build-Depends: libkpathsea4-dev | libkpathsea-dev
  4. After a while, start submitting bugs and patches
  5. Only Provide: libkpathsea-dev when the number of packages that still link against libkpathsea3 is sufficiently small, and bugs for all of them have been filed; raise these bugs' severity.

Deal with non-free documentation

This requires identification of problematic documents (GFDL, no source, CC licenses, etc.), contact and discussion with the authors, and most probably the creation of a tetex-nonfree package (again...)

Completely clean up license situation

We should really address #218105 and #258972 at least partially.

New splitting scheme

The state of the discussion about this has been described in A new splitting scheme for the teTeX packages, now it's time for the actual coding. There's already a branch at http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-tetex/tetex-base/branches/new-splitting/.


I really hope TeXLive will be in etch. To achieve this, I recommend that the packages only stay in experimental until they have been built on all release architectures, and the upgrading and switching has been tested thoroughly with different combinations of starting packages.

Enforce the TeX Policy in add-on packages

File placement is the most important point here: Bugs are both easy to identify, and have a bad impact.

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