teTeX version 3.0   for Debian Sarge

What we provide Caveats and shortcomings Bug reports and contact How to get them

This repository provides Debian packages of teTEX 3.0 for sarge. Please read below about what we provide, and what we cannot promise


What we provide

Caveats and shortcomings: Security

Bug reports and contact

Please submit bugs directly to the Debian Bugtracking System. Please keep in mind that we are primarily developing etch, the successor release of sarge, and that bug severities affect the migration into testing and inclusion of the package in the current candidate for etch. Therefore, severities of bugreports against such backports must be lowered by one or two degrees; bugs reported at release-critical severities will be downgraded promptly.

How to get them

Please follow the instructions at www.backports.org/instructions.html

Last update: July 26, 2005.