teTeXStatus of teTeX's bugs in the TeX-live packages

This page lists the status of teTeX's bugs with respect to the TeX-Live packages: Either the bug is specific to teTeX's packaging, or it also applies to TeX Live (where it might be open of fixed), or it hasn't been decided yet.

Bugs cloned for TeX Live

The following bugs have been identified as also present in TeX Live, been cloned and reassigned to the respective texlive-* package

tag cloned-in-texlive

Bugs not yet decided on

These are upstream bugs that may already be fixed in TeX Live, needs checking

tag needs-texlive-considering

teTeX-specific bugs not

These are bugs that are specific to teTeX packaging, or they are requests for a new upstream version that is already in TeX Live 2005, or similar

tag tetex-only

Last update: July 26, 2005.